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Welcome to Guac and Roll’s slice of the internet. My name’s Ava. I'm a freelance food writer and vegan cook based in North London, where I live with my boyfriend and our rabbit, Buddy. 

Getting in touch

For business enquiries, press releases, collaborations or just to say hello, drop me an email: avainlondon@gmail.com

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Guac started back in 2012, a few weeks after I first went vegan.

I set up Guac and Roll for one reason: none of my friends had a clue what I would be eating as a vegan. I wanted to be able to show anyone that raised even so much as half an eyebrow the kind of food I eat every day.

So I would cycle into work an hour early every morning to upload the photos of my dinner from the night before. I'd catalogue the make-shift salad wraps I'd made from the office's kitchen sink. Or I’d climb up onto the roof to take photos of my gnocchi with tomato sauce on the fire escape.

Over time, Guac began to take over. After five years of experiments and travel guides, it has evolved into a site with hundreds of vegan recipes. Through my work as a food writer, I’ve been able to pick up new styling tips, more sophisticated recipes and a better understanding of how to create approachable vegan food for everyone. 

How best to describe Guac food?

It’s bright, focused on the seasons, not too fussed by fads but always down for seconds. Like the best mate everyone needs.

Sometimes it’ll veer into junk food territory, but for the most part I love making recipes using the best of the season in the UK. There's no detoxing, no cleansing and no chia seeds around these parts. Strictly no chia seeds. Ever. That's a guarantee.

It needs to be affordable and filling, and bonus points for lasting well in a lunch box. 

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Now as a freelance writer, Guac remains at the centre of all my other projects- whether it’s catering for retreats, providing vegan insight for brands, menu development, assisting with press and marketing events for street food brands or running supper clubs with my mates.

There are now a few other strands to the Guac business too: Guac Kitchen Recipes and Retreats and Catering.

Guac has been featured on Vice’s Munchies, Marie Claire, Metro, Stylist, ASOS Magazine and The Debrief, as well as a Top Food Blog on Creative Tourist.


My food writing also pops up on Munchies, Chickpea Magazine, The Debrief and HelloGiggles, as well as creating exclusive recipes for Vegan Life, Cook Vegan and Vegan Living Magazine.

I've also worked as a consultant for a number of food companies including No Beef, Daylesford Organics and Goodbeans.

Looking to advertise? Drop me an email at avainlondon@gmail.com and view Guac and Roll's privacy policy here.