double chocolate raspberry brownies


These brownies are glossy, fudgey and rich. That half an avocado really does something awesome to the mixture and the coffee gives it a dense texture it's hard to get with other vegan brownies. I also use this recipe as a chocolate cake mix. Just pour the brownie mix into a lined cake tin and bake for a few minutes longer. Double the recipe if you want a sandwich cake. Super easy and no one will believe what the secret ingredient is!

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Limited edition recipe card for Guac and Roll's Double Chocolate Raspberry Brownies - a Crochet Retreat favourite and perfect for a little slice of decadence without any dairy or eggs.

Vegan and vegetarian recipe for a pudding children and teenagers will also love for the easy instructions and super rich and gooey final result.

On double sided card with illustration by Naomi Elliott on the reverse.

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Printed on 100% recycled 300gsm A5 card from independent printers Footprint Collective, based in Leeds, United Kingdom.

Recipes by Ava Szajna-Hopgood of Guac and Roll
Designed by Will Eckersley
Illustration by Naomi Elliott

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