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Having worked for over five years creating recipes for Munchies, Vegan Life, Cook Vegan, Vegan Living, Oh Comely, Hello Giggles and The Debrief, I decided to put together some of my all-time favourites in one bumper recipe pack.  They're printed on thick card, that's 100% recycled, and sent in a recipe box for easy keeping.

These are the recipes I reach for when I'm hosting, having a night in or just want to cook something special for a mate. They're the ones I've been asked for again and again at retreats, parties and supper clubs. Instead of focusing on 'clean' or 'dirty' foods, these recipes are about classic vegan recipes you can fall back on again and again. They're approachable for all levels of cook, and designed to share with vegans and non-vegans alike.

With these recipes, you'll be able to cook a vegan Indian feast with seitan butter chicken and bhajis, Christmas dinner with no nut roast in sight (but towers of Yorkshire puddings!), a sweet potato chilli with mango salsa - perfect for Friday nights with friends, a great vegan burger for summer cook-outs and even ice cream and chocolate chip cookie sandwiches.

The entire limited edition recipe card set for £15.00 plus postage.

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The minute I started working on these recipe cards, I knew I wanted Naomi Elliott, an incredibly talented illustrator (and one of my best friends) to be involved. Naomi now lives in New York and we still managed to put these together whilst being on different time zones! I loved the design she came up with for the reverse of the recipe cards. If you're looking for illustration work in the new year, get in touch with Naomi as she is now accepting new projects for 2017.


Will Eckersley, a good friend and designer I've met through working for Club Mexicana, has done an incredible job of designing the recipe cards themselves and fitting in my rambling recipes down to 25 concise cards (well- 26- that mushroom seitan roast is just too good to cut down!). 


The final piece of these cards are the printers - Will recommended we use Footprint Workers' Cooperative in Leeds, who I can't recommend enough. The cards are printed on A5, 300gsm (almost business-card-thick so nice and sturdy for any kitchen accidents!) and totally recycled card. 


It looks like a humble, brown, recycled-card box. And that's because it is! The recipes are sent with one flat-packed box to store them all in, and it means it's easy to travel with them, easy to store in your kitchen, and easy to stand when referring to them whilst cooking. The simple designs are always the best, right?!