Hey friends! Yes, I can come and cook for you too!


Retreat catering

There’s a moment at about 7.50am on Sunday, when you’ve been cooking straight for three days, and just finished making breakfast, that I absolutely love. Right before anyone else is up, I’ll grab a coffee and get myself outside just to savour it.

The fun and enjoyment I've been able to take from cooking on retreats has been a total surprise for me. And now, coming into my third year of working as an onsite cook in North Yorkshire over one weekend every few months, it’s one of the highlights of my Guac & Roll work. I’ve been cooking totally homemade, vegan food as a resident cook for Frank & Olive’s Crochet Retreats since 2015. Last year we managed to pack in nine awesome weekends, packed full of a lot of crochet fun, creations, workshops and of course- a lot of Guac food! 

If you’re looking to add a vegan spin to your retreat menu or are setting up a retreat this year and need an onsite cook, get in touch. I’m happy to discuss menus, travel and logistics: avainlondon@gmail.com

private Catering

It's an absolute pleasure providing vegan food for someone's special day. Whether that's a wedding day lunch, a Mexican buffet for a tequila tasting night (uhoh!) or making sure there's a decent spread on to feed a team that have a project to get through. I love it!

Guac Kitchen is a small operation and, in the words of Pete Rodriguez and co., I like it like that. Clients so far have included two vegan weddings, annual summer cook-outs for arts collectives, a fashion shoot and team gatherings for a music and arts centre in Shoreditch. 

Drop me an email letting me know what you have in mind: avainlondon@gmail.com