Vegan Summer Raindance Rolls

Vegan Summer Raindance Rolls 

You've heard of a raindance yes? Well this is the opposite. I've decided to start cooking the most summer-synonymous dishes I can think of, hoping that big ball of burning gas in the sky will take note. 

Summer rolls are perfect for adding something different to a run-of-the-mill-midweek stir fry. They are similar to their less-jolly Spring roll cousin, but with a thinner wrapping that is also normally vegan. They don't need to be fried, instead serve at room temperature or slighlty warm, with chilli sauce or a peanut butter/hoisin sauce. I chose to keep mine simple with just a salad and leftover rice for the perfect Raindance lunch. 

(Makes enough for 10- which is roughly how many pancake wraps there should be in a single pack)
One pack of Blue Dragon rice flour pancakes
Handful of red cabbage, cut as thin as possible (julienned if possible, or just do it yourself)
Handful of julienned greens
One large carrot, julienned
Two handfuls of bean sprouts
One onion, cubed 
Soy sauce
Sweet chilli sauce for dipping

Prepare your vegetables first- cooking so they reduce a little and will be soft enough to easily use in the pancake rolls. Then drain away any extra liquid- you don't want this going into the wraps as they won't fold as easily.
One at a time, soak the rice pancake in a bowl of hot water for 15 seconds. Carefully remove and place on  a wet tea towel.  Using the corners of the tea towel, blot the pancake dry until it becomes sticky. This will make it easier to keep in place when folding up.
Take a tablespoon of stir fry mixture and place in the centre of the roll, in the same roll shape as seen above. Then fold both top and bottom ends into the middle of the wrap, take the right hand side of the wrap and fold over the mixture, then roll the whole thing towards the left hand side, making sure the pancake is tightly wrapped at either end. Leave on a plate while you do the rest.

A quick scan across Pinterest and other vegan blogs makes me so excited to try these out again- you could add coriander before putting any mixture on the pancake to give it a pretty translucent effect when wrapped up, tofu, alfafa sprouts, or keep the whole thing raw with radishes and magoes! The world is your summer roll.