Saturday is brunch day

Things have been a little hectic at Guac & Roll HQ this past week, the winds of change and a hell of a lot of rain have left my meal times bereft of little else but museli and hummus. Not together yet, thankfully. 
But however silly busy things get in the week- somehow there always seems to be time for breakfast on Saturday. The type where you can actually sit and look at your food, as opposed to the mid-week zombie-glazed cereal bowl-cradling and black coffee.

Anyway- excuses or no, here's an unashamedly easy vegan brunch that won't go cold, soggy or stale, perfect between calling your fam or tracking down wayward best friends!

Focaccia bread
Two tomatoes
Salad leaves (a peppery kind such as rocket would work really well against the bread and tomatoes)
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil

Put the kettle on. Toast slices of focaccia in the oven, chop tomatoes, mix with basil and salad leaves. Make your tea. Mix the dressing, drissle over, and SIDDOWN and ENJOY!