Vegan hangover: The fry-up

While friends may ooh and ahh at how healthy your meals look six days of the week- sometimes a Sunday morning just needs a frying pan and a few McCain Smiles, which happen to be vegan. I make this breakfast for all friends and stragglers left in my flat come midday on Sunday. It's a great way to cook vegan, to show people how easy it is to make a few changes and have an entire vegan meal that is still hangover-quenching and pretty damn greedy. This is most certainly one for the skeptics ("Look it's not even that health-giving okay?"). Fire up the toaster.

Makes enough for four hungry people

Slices of thick brown bread
1 tin of beans
4 tomatoes cut in half
400g mushrooms, cut into chucky pieces
6 Linda McCartney sausages
1 bag of McCain Smiles
Vitalite/ Pure Soya spread if needed
Orange Juice

Everyone's kitchens are different and everyone makes fry-ups differently so instead I will just say: Smiles take the longest, so get them in the oven first, then after five minutes add the sausages. When frying the mushrooms, do in batches, with plenty of space in the pan. This will make them fry and not go soggy if they are on top of each other. Add basil and lots of black pepper for flavour. Douse all in a lot of tea, and let the Saturday night debrief begin!