A lunch bunch

Working from home sure does have its bonuses- ridiculously tasty lunches such as this one being a case in point. Cous cous salad, broad bean falafel and hummus all from Sainsbury's, who get extra snaps for their amazing vegan labeling, and bought by my Dad, who gets snaps for spending 20 minutes deciphering ingredients lists in the hummus aisle.

Anyway, falafel aside, here's a few links related to veganism that I've been perusing lately, which are the perfect length for a lunchtime read (i.e. the time of day where it's okay to spill cous cous all over your desk after missing your mouth as you're looking at the screen and not the spoon... good work).

So, what is an ethical vegan? By Sali Owen, or, No, it's not like the time you tried the South Beach diet.

Forget meat – there's a world of vegetarian food out there By Lagusta Yearwood, let's talk tamales yeah?

Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists By John Vidal, looking at a new recipe to feed the future, and some great stats on agriculture for the next person that tells you soy beans are also bad for the planet.