Dreams can come true: the vegan pain au chocolat

Word on the proverbial vegan streets had been going around for some time that Jus-Roll also do croissant and pain au chocolat pastry that is vegan. My friend Richard managed to track some down way before I did and I saw how his eyes glazed over when I asked him what he did for breakfast one Saturday. I didn't believe him at first, there was just no way. It had to be some kind of vegan urban myth, like edible vegan macaroni cheese. Sure, it sounds like it's possible but then reality kicks in and you're stuck with a load of sunflower seeds soaking on your desk at work that will never make anything resembling a roux sauce.

So I hadn't eaten anything resembling a croissant for over a year when I finally managed to make a batch last weekend. The thing is, there's just no way of making this not sound cheesy: they taste like heaven. £2 a-pop-heaven.

The instructions are pretty easy to follow on the box, I just added a glaze of soy milk on top of the dough to make them a little crispier on the outside. I had to check back to the box and then Jus Roll's website in disbelief just to double check they really were vegan. Then I ate four, and went off to buy more. Saturday well spent I say.