September outtakes

September outtakes

Where did September go? There were so many exciting things happening that I barely looked up from my keyboard,  but I did manage, as always, to take a ton of photos. Here are some out takes from behind the scenes at Guac and Roll. You can also follow me on Instagram @avainlondon and all the Guac recipes and vegan inspiration on my Pinterest board

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From top left to bottom right: Out and about with the last BBQ of the season on my friend's new roof in Peckham, complete with smoked tofu and mushroom burgers (thank you for the extra BBQ Jessica!). Breakfast in Stoke Newington cafes, most often this is Cafe Z Bar for the best wake-up call coffee. Finally, vegan-friendly churros at a food festival in Manchester bought in the last days of the month with a good dose of cinnamon. 

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 Back to school and back to work in London meant picking up our weekly delivery from Growing Communities by bike each week. An amazing vegan three course dinner at an awards ceremony, gorgeous fava bean action at Stoke Newington's Tatreez cafe and lunchtime field trips to Planet Organic.

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All things Guac: a working lunch of potato and leek soup is perfect for autumn, testing all manner of recipes for winter features, colour-popping tomatoes and a Sunday recipe inspiration session that took over the entire floor of my (admittedly tiny) flat.

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Finally, September saw the launch of Guac's new look, new produce, new friends and new recipes that I can't wait to share for the last few months of 2013. Where has it gone? Honestly?