November outtakes

November outtakes

Oh yeah sure, just whizz on by November! Eat and run! 

Here's some sneak peeks of what was going on in the world of Guac & Roll in November. If you'd like REAL TIME updates, add @avainlondon on Instagram, or @guacandrolluk on Twitter. 


In the often mis-quoted words of All Saints, I know where it's at, and that place is  a vegan breakfast. November featured some tip-top starts to the day, including the porridge above that was made with my friend Ruth's homemade almond milk, and topped off with pear, cinnamon and homemade dulche de leche sauce. Beneath that is the vegan fry-up I decided to go king size with, and added homemade bread, baked beans and my friend Amelie's homemade ketchup. 


November was the month I discovered a soy milk alternative that could hold its own in a cup of tea, and that's oat milk! I've tried a few brands now but this one, Oat Drink, is the tastiest for tea, coffee, porridge and cereal, and so far I haven't seen it do the weird breaking-up thing soy milk does in coffee and other hot drinks sometimes. Win win! 


Another discovery was orzo- which I found in my local Morrisons supermarket. I have of course seen orzo in a ton of Pinterest recipes, but never in shops or on a menu, so I was really excited to try it. It's basically rice-shaped pasta, and is so so good in warm salads and I imagine in soups and broths too. I teamed it with roasted delicata squash, onions, crispy kale, hazelnuts, tortillas and homemade hummus. It was more of a eat-up-what's-in-the-fridge recipe before we went away, but I'll conduct some more experiments and have a recipe for Guac ASAP. 


Finally, two extremes of meals with my best friends Ruth and Amelie. Noticing a vegan corn-dog shaped hole in our lives, Amelie decided to put the world to right with possibly the tastiest dinner I've ever had. The corn dogs alone would have been enough, but the homemade twice-fried fries and bean burgers just tipped it over the edge. I didn't eat for another day. Away from Elvis-style Scooby Snacks, I went back over to Ruth and Amelie's to talk all things vegan, sugar and gluten free with Ruth. She made us this awesome breakfast above, complete with homemade bakes beans, almond milk, pancakes and mushrooms with avocado oil, which were like mushrooms 2.0, basically.