Twelve recipes for autumn from Guac

Here are twelve of my favourite recipes for autumn cooking. Click on each photo to find the recipe, or if you’re in need of some inspiration, here’s why I’ve chosen each one...

1. Banana and soy yogurt-topped pancakes

I swapped these recently for maple syrup and raspberries and they were also incred. The ideal way to send off weekend guests beginning a long journey home, or celebrate the start of Saturday in bed, or whatever it is you sing ‘how do you liiiiiike your eggs in the morning?’ to.

2. Potato dauphinoise

This is one of the most popular recipes on Guac. It’s a total fave of mine and the recipe actually has a huuuuuge preamble about why it is, in my eyes, the ultimate comfort food. I think it’s the only recipe on here that’s actually dedicated to someone. Nanny, I hope you’d be happy with this vegan version!

3. Black bean quesadillas with chilli potatoes and salsa

Oldies and goodies. We probably eat quesadillas once a week, the irony being, of course, there’s no quesa in our dillas, or bocadillos I guess. Stack these high and wrap them up for lunch the next day.

4. Homemade gnocchi

In which I spent about six months trying to find the perfect way to make vegan gnocchi. TL;DR version is that you don’t reeeeallly need any special equipment, but if you do have a potato ricer, you’re gonna be on easy street.

5. Beet and chard brunch hash

Chard can be tricky to cook with as it gets quite bitter. By frying it up with beetroot and adding mustard and chopped gherkins, it becomes a tasty, warming breakfast in itself, and you can use up all those slightly awks vegetables that can sit at the bottom of your fridge for weeks...

6. Roasted butternut squash soup

There’s a few of these on Guac, and yeah, that velvety texture is my fave way to enjoy squash really. This is the most simple version. I wrote it whilst looking after my Aunt and Uncle’s dog in Worthing during a blistering October. You can jeuje it up with fried breadcrumbs and kale pesto here too.

7. Berya with coconut milk and pomegranate dressing

I made this berya as a counter-attack to fry ups and oily roast dinners. It’s a bit like a Sunday lunch in chopped salad form, with pomegranate seeds and almonds thrown in to placate your inner Ottolenghi. It’s an ideal plate-of-colour in autumn when it often feels like there is so much produce to get through and appreciate.

8. TLC Minestrone

Star pasta is life and should be added to food at any opportunity. This much I know is true.

9. Super-warming pumpkin chilli with polenta topping

Polenta and I recently had a bit of a fall-out, but if you’re still in the honeymoon period with that ever-so-tricksy cornmeal then by all means, play on.

10. Sticky toffee pudding with dulce de leche sauce

Appaz our old flat was super cold because this recipe is all about homesickness and wishing you’re already back for Christmas. Sheesh, just turn up the central heating a few notches luv. There’s a few separate parts to making this pudding, but they’re totally worth it for the bowls of gooey toffee sponge and jars of leftover dulce de leche you can give away as presents to dinner mates.

11. Homemade baked beans

In a budget youth hostel in Florence, where we lay our scene. Despite a hangover veering on seasickness, me and my bff Rach made it through two platefuls of these beans, with just bread and black coffee. I loved how something traditionally English and run-of-the-mill had been turned into one of the most delicious breakfasts ever after being translated into Italian. This recipe is how I converted it back for an English breakfast.

12. Aint nothing going on but the rent brownies

In an reasonable world, you could use brownies as a commodity and I think everyone would be a lot happier for it. Get this vegan recipe under yer belt and you can trade-off all sorts for a few squares.