October outtakes

October outtakes

Here's some behind-the-Guac-scenes action from October, despite it feeling like only a week ago that I was rounding up September! You can follow behind the scenes of my Guac & Roll adventures on Instagram- @avainlondon, and if you use Pinterest anywhere as chronically as I do, you can find Guac over there too- by clicking here

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From barbeques to baking- it wasn't until I put this month's photos together that I realised there were no more grills or pub gardens featuring, but lots of recipe testing and recruiting friends to help eat up the 4 batches of brownies I made to trial for my first Vegan 411 column for HelloGiggles. Apart from the fact that raspberries and vegan brownies do not seem to mix, October also bought with it an amazing homemade apple and sultana crumble from my best friend Liz's family's farm.  

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Keeping with the hunkering down/ vegging out nature of the month- I worked on my pumpkin chili recipe and apparently couldn't get over how ace purple carrots just are. I moved desks down to Naomi's for a change in scenery and developed what some people would call an unhealthy attachment to huge bowls of steamed vegetables and rice for every meal. I'm now banned from uttering the 'r word' (rice) in the flat. BUT IT JUST TASTES SO GOOD.

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Finally, I dropped by Bardens Boudoir for lunch on the last day of October and had a crazy good smashed avocado on toast, topped off with sunflower seeds, rocket and the most delicious mushrooms I've had in forever. When pickling onions left my flat with a slight vinegar tinge, I made like Cher Horowitz and baked up some bread to create something gorgeous to smell instead. Speaking of which, if I ever reach my chana masala capacity, give me a good talking to yeah?