August out takes

August out takes  

Here's some of my favourite parts of the last of summer. You can follow behind the scenes of my Guac & Roll adventures on Instagram- @avainlondon 


Breakfasts and brunches. From top left to bottom right: lemon and poppyseed gluten free, vegan pancakes at Naomi's (yes they are magic), big old fry-up at my Auntie's house, birthday breakfast for my Dad at home, and a get-well soon porridge just for me back in London.


Out and about: swooning over the shelves at the Life Goddess in Fitzrovia (go for the soy flat whites, stock up on orzo and amazing wheat pasta shapes). Other people's houses means other people's recipe books! Doing a bit of Sunday research with Nigel Slater whilst on a mini-seaside holiday. My first trip to a vegan restaurant in York, at the Goji Cafeand the smoked tofu burger that BLEW MY MIND! And finally, a sweetcorn salsa for a birthday party with fresh corn and spring onions.


Dinners to eat again and again: hearty ratatouille with everything from the fridge, Amelie's beautiful stuffed tomatoes, homemade chips and runner bean dinner I could eat every night of the week (yes I am inviting myself over again Amelie!). Seedy dinner with broccoli, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, radishes and giant cous cous. A fresh summer pizza with asparagus, leek and torn basil.


Last days of summer: watermelon and cocktails at a house party, berries galore on holiday, a beautiful roasted vegetable tart at my BFFs, and a last attempt at making acorn squash tasty, roasted with marjoram and onion (nope, still not tasty).


First corn of autumn, with lime, chili and coriander


With the final days of August came the first corn of autumn. So fresh, so juicy, so different from tinned sweetcorn, so moreish. This is a really quick recipe to make while something else is cooking in the oven or marinading or stewing away. It does yield a fair amount of dressing for the corn, so I used the leftovers to mix into salad leaves. 


Makes enough for four, so scale up for how ever many you need


50ml vegetable or sunflower oil

Juice of two limes

Handful of chopped coriander

1 green chilli, chopped small

Salt and pepper

4 fresh corn cobs

Mix together the dressing in a large bowl, and then roll the sweetcorn in the dressing. If you can leave it to marinade for a bit, all the better, and spoon some of the coriander on top of the sweetcorn while it rests. 

If not, go straight to a hot frying pan or barbeque, and fry the sweetcorn on a medium high heat. You can spoon some more of the mix on the sweetcorn as you go, and add a little extra salt if you prefer things saltier. 

Once some parts of the corn have taken on a charred colour, take it off the heat and eat straight away. You can also sprinkle the cooked corn with a little paprika if you really like things hot!