The Vegan 411

The Vegan 411


Along with recipes for Guac and Roll, I have also just started writing for HelloGiggles. It's one of my daily go-to places online so to have my writing featured on its pages, let alone a column, is still something I'm having to pinch myself about!

For anyone that doesn't live in the US or know the script to Parent Trap off by heart (ahem), the 411 is an information line in the states, like our directory enquiries. So with my column, the Vegan 411, I'm going to try and focus on some of the highs and lows of being vegan- and just like Guac, I want it to be honest and realistic. Whether you're in it for the long run or just trying it for a month, I hope some of the things I write on there will help anyone that gives veganism a try. 

My first column looked at the first few weeks of going vegan- you can read it here. There will also always be a recipe with each column, as my friends and I (most of who aren't vegan) seem to always discuss veganism in the same breath as amazing recipes and new ideas. 

With that I want to say thank you so much to all of my friends and family who have supported me so far on working on Guac and Roll and the Vegan 411. You're all awesome and I feel super lucky to have each of you in my life. xx