It's not the easiest, but Spain's cities have a whole load of vegan options to discover, and plenty of default vegan foods too. Just don't go too many days on sangria and gazpacho alone...


Gazpacho sweats and sangria withdrawal

Hey, I'll admit it, I wasn't holding out much hope for an easy vegan ride in Barcelona. Considering Spain ranks as one of the highest meat consuming countries per capita in the world, I figured it would be paprika crisps, watermelon and black coffee most meals, if my (admittedly brief) stays in Poland and Italy were anything to go by.

Late night dahl, balcony dinners and seitan interludes


I've covered Barcelona for vegans, and self-catering for vegans, and general vegan-when-en route vibes but Primavera this year was stand-out ace for vegans.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 23.42.18.png


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