yorkshire puddings


It's easy to assume a vegan roast would be nigh-on-impossible to put together. But it only takes a few tweaks to be able to make crispy-as-anything roast potatoes, a delicious balsamic gravy and braised red cabbage. These Yorkshires are perfect for completing a Sunday lunch table, and despite not having any egg or dairy in them, come out crisp on the outside and with that delicious chewy batter centre in the middle. 

pudds 3.jpg

Limited edition recipe card for Guac and Roll's Yorkshire Puddings- a British classic no roast dinner or Sunday lunch would be without.

Vegan and vegetarian recipe with a sturdy batter that can also be adapted to make toad in the hole. Great for anyone that thought they'd never be able to have a Yorkshire again!

On double-sided card with illustration by Naomi Elliott on the reverse.

pudds 1.jpg

Printed on 100% recycled 300gsm A5 card from independent printers Footprint Collective, based in Leeds, United Kingdom.

Recipes by Ava Szajna-Hopgood of Guac and Roll
Designed by Will Eckersley
Illustration by Naomi Elliott

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